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Osaka is known for many things, its history as a port city, its nightlight, its food culture and its historical architecture. 

Let me show you how to get the most out of this amazing city in just 24 hours. 

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I grabbed breakfast at a local canteen diner where you get to choose your dishes off the shelf and pay at the counter. 

It’s delicious, fast and cheap. 

I went to Maido-okini-shokudo Namba at 3 Chrome-16-14 Nanbanaka Naniwa Ward. 

I got myself 4 items, half a salmon steak, egg omelette,  rice and a beef and noodle soup with tofu. 

This type of dining place is pretty popular with locals to grab a nutritious meal fast. 

Namba Yasaka shrine

Where: 2 Chrome-9-19 Motomachi, Naniwa Ward

How: 8min walk from Nankai station

Yasaka Shrine is a shinto shrine with several buildings and the iconic lion head shrine that rids bay luck and gives you good luck.

If you only go to one shrine in Osaka then it has to be this one. 

osaka castle

No visit is complete until you’ve visited Osaka Castle.  This is one of the most famous landmarks in Japan for its beauty as well as historical significance in the past. 

The Osaka Castle that you see today is a modern museum inside with a fully concrete restoration exterior since WWII. 

The grounds and moat create a beautiful afternoon and lots of photo opportunities. 


Head over to HEP FIVE, a shopping centre in Osaka for lunch AND the massive ferris wheel on the roof. 

The Ferris wheel ride is a fun relaxing way to get good views of the whole city, and the whole building below is full of dining and shopping options to meet anyone’s needs. 


Well, Dotonbori was bound to be on this list somewhere. This iconic street is in movies, anime, photos…it’s famous. 

The street is full of great places to eat and shopping malls nearby. It’s arguably the most happening place in the city, which makes it a must visit if you want to experience Osaka come to life at night. 

Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is a; you guess it, is a ramen place. 

They specialise in Tonkatsu ramen and are famous for their solo booths. Osaka is also the original place Ichiran ramen started, so if you’re going to try it, why not go to the where it all started. 

You order your ramen from a vending machine which gives you a ticket you can pass. Your noodles are then served to you through a food delivery blind right where you sit.  

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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