Hong Kong UNESCO Geopark – Sai Kung Town

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Seaside town with a side of adventure

Here’s a fun fact for you – Hong Kong is roughly 70% undeveloped land with most of it part of protected nature parks. 

So all those famous Instagram photos of sky rises and monster apartments are just one part of Hong Kong. 

I already showed you around Lantau, this time we’re exploring Sai Kung.


Sai Kung doesn’t have a MTR station, but it’s a popular destination for locals and tourists alike for it’s hiking trails, beaches and seafood. This means there’s a lot of minibuses and bus routes that can get you to Sai Kung town centre. 

The most common way to get to Sai Kung is by Green minibus from Choi Hong MTR station. It doesn’t have as many stops as bus routes and is cheaper. You also don’t have to worry about when to get off and Sai Kung Town Centre is the last stop. 


As a rule of thumb for all things in Hong Kong – avoid the weekend and public holidays. 

As a traveller with time – you have the luxury of visiting places when it’s not busy. So any weekday would do the job. 

You’ll want to reserve a full day, if you plan to really make a trip of it. 

Sai Kung East Dam
East Dam - not edited at all, it was this blue!


You’ll find yourself at Sai Kung Town with the pier nearby. The first thing to do is definitely walk into town and explore the many cafes and  good eats. Sai Kung has made a name for itself as a weekend escape for Hong Kongers that want to relax. As such, cafes of all sorts have popped up in recent years. 

Other than the cafes there’s also many boutique stores selling all sorts of gems. It’s great for anyone who loves to shop around and find something unique or hard to find anywhere else.  

After exploring the town, you can’t miss the pier. The pier is lined with fisherman selling their catch of the day from their boats. You won’t get anything fresher in Hong Kong. These fishermen go out to sea in their own boats and sell whatever they catch. 

You can buy them from the boat and head to one of the many seafood restaurants along the pier to get it cooked for you. Restaurants will normally charge you a cooking fee for this service.

Personally, I’m not confident in my knowledge of seafood prices to buy it from the boats. So I opted for a dinner set instead, which had an array of seafood and by far a lot cheaper then if I got the seafood myself. 

High Island reservoir
High Island Reservoir - look at that perfect wallpaper cloud!

But that’s for dinner. While the day is still young, you have to check out the nature Sai Kung has to offer. There are so many different beaches and islands to explore. Once of the easiest to get to and cheapest is the UNESCO Geopark East Dam. 

It’s around 30 minutes from town by taxi or a few hours of hiking. Though I would recommend a taxi ride as the hike up isn’t very scenic until you get to the East Dam. 

Hong Kong UNESCO GEO park

Once you get there, you’ll see the East Dam on one side and the High Island Reservoir of the other. Both bodies of water are insanely blue. You won’t believe you’re still in Hong Kong and not some tropical escape.

But like true Hong Kong fashion – everything is convenient. There’s a taxi stand where you’ll find a line of taxis waiting to take you back into town once you’re done – no worrying about how to get back!


Long Ke Wan – the beach is just a short hike/ stroll from the taxi drop off point at the East Dam. The beach is never too crowded and the water is clean. Though do note there are no lifeguard services at Long Ke wan.

Hush Hush – Find this small ice-cream parlour / cafe in town to find really fun handmade ice-cream. The coffee is another highlight with the owner winning many awards. 

Le Magasin – The store imports wines, cheeses and other items directly from France. You’ll find some hard to find organic wines and other yummy treats to take back home. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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