Crown Sydney Epicurean Buffet

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Crown Hotel - Epicurean Seafood buffet

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Crown Sydney is finally open! 

There’s been a lot of anticipation for this new landmark in the lead up because I’m sure most Sydney Siders will have seen the construction happening over the years. 

But it’s finally here! 

AND there’s food inside! 

Crown Sydney is predominately a luxury accommodation tower with multiple restaurants. 

Today I’m checking out Epicurean’s seafood buffet, which my friends insisted I try out while everything is brand-spanking-new. 


Address: Level 5, 1 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000


Booking online is recommended. 

I booked for 7:30 and was allowed to stay until closing. However when my friends went they did have a 2 hour time limit. 

Note: there’s also a dress code for all Crown Sydney venues. 

What to expect?

Wonderfully decorated with ceiling to floor windows that flood the whole dining area with sunlight during the day. 

Spacious and comfortable seating areas with adequate privacy and spacing. Although, some of the seats did look a little low for my liking. (kinda makes you sink in and lazy to get up…if you know what I mean) 

The spread at the buffet was more than enough. I couldn’t actually try everything. There was so many stations. 

  • Cold cuts and cheese 
  • Breads 
  • Cold seafood with an oyster bar 
  • Sushi and sashimi bar 
  • Salad bar 
  • Western style roasts and other hot dishes
  • Asian style hot dishes 
  • A soup noodle bar 
  • A Chinese roast meats station 
  • An Indian/ south Asian cuisine station 
  • Fruit bar 
  • Dessert wall 
  • Chocolate fountain 
  • …there might be more that I’ve forgotten. 

Note: Food is given to you by servers. All you have to do is tell them what you want and how much. I don’t know if this is a Covid-19 hygiene policy that will change in the future,  but I actually preferred it that way because everything stays neat and organised. 

What I think you shouldn't miss out on


The seafood at Epicurean was extremely fresh and delicious. 

The oysters were definitely a highlight out of the entire buffet because of how fresh they were. 

Seriously high quality oysters you don’t normally find at buffets. 

Barbecue Ribs

The ribs out of all the other meats were the most tender and flavourful. I highly recommend you try these out when you visit. 


I made the stupid mistake of not asking for meat in my noodles. 

I somehow figured they would give it automatically if it was provided, and didn’t question it when I got a plain noodle soup. 

But there is meat. You need to ask. 

However, I am still going to recommend this because just based on the broth and the noodles.

It was delicious. 

You could tell someone spent a few hours on that broth. 

Cauliflower Polonaise

Super creamy, with a nice crust on top. Really enjoyed this dish. 

Something you shouldn’t skip.

Fettucine with mint, zucchini, peas

This is another seemingly simply dish that many people might skip, but I found this delightful. 

The flavours were well balanced and the pasta was cooked to a nice texture. 

Any of their ice-creams (maybe)

I tried two of their ice-creams, the chocolate and the coffee & hazelnut. 

Both were really nice and creamy. It didn’t taste like the usual ice-cream at other buffets where big brand names are served. 

Really good ice-cream you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Lemon meringue tart

I really like citrus-y desserts so I might be biased, but the lemon meringue tarts were really good. 

A nice punch of lemon and the sweet and lightness of the meringue with a buttery flaky tart base. 

Everything else (kinda)

The Crown Sydney hasn’t been open for very long and like most newly opened restaurants and venues…there’s growing pains. 

Overall the spread and selection was great and there’s so much I didn’t even have the stomach space to try out. However, overall I think Epicurean’s buffet is a real rival in Sydney’s luxury buffet scene. 

I can definitely see myself coming again in the future, and by then I think the food will be even better at this new Sydney landmark. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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2 responses to “Crown Sydney Epicurean Buffet”

  1. Hi Janice,
    I hope you’re having another great week in Hong Kong. I’m from Melbourne and have been watching your vlogs since 2020.
    I’m planning a trip to Sydney in January however I have been trying to book Epicurean Buffet but they never have any availability online, nor anyone picking up that phone!

    May I ask how you made your booking? Many thanks

    • Hi, thanks for the support! I booked it by email and phone, though I did go when it was newly open so I think not many people were trying to get a booking at the time. I hope you get to try it while in Sydney.

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