Cool Mac at Kirribilli Sydney

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Udon for breakfast?

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Cool Mac came recommended by one of my friends once they heard I wanted to explore more cafes and take advantage of the great cafe scene we have in Sydney.

Cool Mac is located in Kirribilli, North Sydney and the cafe has been around for some time – going through a few transformations along the way. Each transformation made it to what it is today, a cool, chill cafe that has somehow merged Australian coffee culture and Japanese flavours into a harmonious marriage. 

Cool Mac

2/34 Burton St, Kirribilli

At first look, the cafe looks like any other cute small cafe in Sydney. However, if you check the menu out then you’ll understand why this place is special. 

The menu is full of Japanese flavours and inspiration. From the typical Japanese dishes of Udon to the less typical, Spicy cod roe melt. 


The Niku Udon consists of Soy braised wagyu beef and a 63 degree egg in dashi broth. The dashi broth was the first thing I tried from the bowl, because anyone who knows how to eat noodles understands what makes or breaks a soup noodle is the soup. 

And the dashi broth for the Niku udon was deliciously umami. The broth packed a punch in flavour but was still light and clean. 

The udon itself was nice and chewy, the beef had a great beefy flavour while still being nicely flavoured by soy sauce and the egg was perfectly cooked. 

Cool Mac Cafe Udon


As usual, I ordered myself a soy cap. Cool Mac uses Sample Coffee beans – a super cool Sydney based roaster who sources, roasts and sell coffee blends at their own coffee shops in Sydney but also supplies to multiple cafes in town as well. 

My Soy cap was delicious, and even though it was a bit weird pairing coffee with a bowl of beef udon – I didn’t hate it. 

Cool Mac Cafe
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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