Coogee Beach Sydney Guide

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Day at the beach

(Click play on the video above to skip to Coogee Beach and fish tacos!)

Coogee Beach is a popular Sydney beach for locals and tourists alike. Easily accessible and a great place for a variety of activities – Coogee Beach is definitely a place I would recommend over Bondi if someone from out of town was asking me where to go for the beach. 

There’s a rocky area on one side which is where I prefer to sit and chill or even have a picnic, but if sand is what you’re looking for, you have that as well with lifeguards on duty for people to swim with peace of mind. 

And if you’re suspicious of my recommendation then you can take the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk. It’s a 6km coastal walk that will take roughly 1.5hrs or 2hrs to finish – a scenic walk you’ll want to whip your phone out every other minute to take great photos at. There’s toilets, cafes and picnic areas along the walk so don’t worry about your afternoon turning into a mini afternoon survival exercise. 

What to Eat

The Lure Seafood

139 Dolphin St, Coogee NSW, 2034

I’ve always associated days at the beach with fish n chips wth a lot of chicken salt, and today’s visit to Coogee Beach is not an exception. The Lure Seafood is a lovely neighbourhood fish n chip shop at bargain prices. 

They sell this amazing fish taco deal for just $12 that’s easily enough for two if you’re looking for a small lunch. The batter on the fish is crispy and light and the fish is flaky and well seasoned. I can’t fault it, it’s a great lunch to grab and go and eat while enjoying the beach. 

fish tacos
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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