7eleven Food in Bangkok

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7eleven food haul in Bangkok

Weird snacks around the world are always a fun activity I enjoy when travelling, which is why I had to raid the nearby 7/11 store to try all the snacks I’ve never seen or heard before. 

The most interesting thing about snacks is the flavours you find that reflects the local flavours. 

From a seafood flavoured chip in Asia to rose water yoghurt. It’s always interesting.

So here are 8 snacks I got in Thailand’s convenience store. 

1. Cheese Toast

So I fond this in one of the refrigerated sections and was super curious how this was going to work. 

To my surprise, they toast it with a toast maker for you. 

Really simple, but really yummy. Crisp, toasted exterior. Buttered and cheesy interior. 

2. Salak Ice-cream Bar

This caught my eye while looking at the ice-creams. It was the only one I didn’t really recognise. 

The consistency is more a frozen slush into a bar on a stick, instead of a solid ice block. The taste is more tart than sweet. 

Not my favourite, but I don’t hate it. (maybe if I ever get to try the real fruit then I’ll understand the flavour more)

3. Mung Bean Coconut Filled Riceberry Bun

Got this last minute at the counter. Again because I’ve never heard or seen anything like it before.

Slightly purple tint to the bread, which I’m guessing is from the Riceberry. (What is a rice berry, I don’t actually know) 

The inside had this coconut jam like filling. The whole thing was rather sweet with an oath, nutty flavour. 

…I didn’t really like this one.

4. Tom Yum Kong Pretz

Now this was an interesting one. 

It didn’t taste like a Tom Yum Kong exactly, but at the same time it did. You know what I mean? 

All the main flavours were there, with the sourness, spiciness, the lime. 

I really liked this one. 

5. Happy Tea - Lime Flavour

Seriously refreshing drink that’s perfect for a hot day or for a spicy meal. 

By far my favourite out of the whole haul. 

6. Black Sesame Rice Soy Milk

I’ve had black sesame soy milks before, but this one had a bunch of other illustrations on the packet which got me curious. 

It had rice in it as well as sweetcorn. So there was a lot of flavours going on that might make you not like this one at first. 

However it quickly grew on me. 

7. Instant Chicken Congee

If you follow me long enough, you’ll know I love chicken congee. It’s my go-to comfort food. 

So I just had to try this when I saw it. 

How on earth do you make a dish that takes over an hour to make. instant!? 

Turns out, you kinda can’t. (or I didn’t do it right) 

Flavour wise, it wasn’t bad. Tasted like chicken stock broth. But the consistency was a little too watery, which might be my own fault. 

8. Pork Mince Instant Noodles

I really enjoyed this one. The noodles don’t get soggy and the soup was a savoury porky flavour. 

I actually tried a few more flavours under this brand afterwards. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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