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Scrambled Eggs with Prawns

scrambled eggs with prawns

Super easy. Super fast. Super nutritious.

Scrambled eggs with prawns might sound a bit simple, because it is. 

However, when you do it right the eggs are silky, the prawns are still al dente and the whole dish comes together for an amazing comfort dish. It’s a protein-packed meal you’re able to whip up in under 15min.

Do it wrong and you get grainy dry eggs, overcooked prawns that feel like chewing on rubber! 

Tip: The secret is in how you cook the prawns and the timing of everything. 

Scrambled Eggs with Prawns


Serves 2

4 eggs 
6 – 8 prawns 
Salt to taste
White pepper to taste
1 stalk of spring onions 


1. Grab your prawns and peel them if they aren’t already. You don’t have to pick the digestive track out if you don’t want to as the cooking process kills any possibility for germs. However if you prefer to do that then go ahead and do that as well. If your prawns are rather large then cut them in half. Set aside. 

2. Then whisk your eggs in a bowl until well mixed. 

3. Chop your stalk of spring onions and add them into your eggs. Whisk well. 

4. Heat a frying pan up on high heat and place a dash of cooking oil in. Place your prawns in once your cooking oil is hot. You don’t want to cook your prawns all the way through, instead take your prawns out of the pan once it gets some colour on the edges.

5. Without turning the stove off – pour your eggs into the same pan and use your spatula to constantly stir and move your whisked egg to achieve a silky texture. 

6. As some of your egg is starting to cook – place your prawns back in and gently move and fold your eggs and prawns cook. 

7. Add salt and white pepper (black pepper also works) to taste and serve. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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