Cafe Feoh in Lindfield

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Bacon & egg roll 
with a twist

(Click play on the video above to see the restaurant and all the food we ordered up close.)

I’ve been going to Cafe Feoh for a while now and my go-to order is their fusion bacon and egg roll. There’s just something about the flavours that work. 

You won’t find anything fancy or instagrammable here, but it’s these local gems that truly make Sydney’s food scene great. 

Cafe Feoh

280 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield NSW 2070

Cafe Feoh is a small cafe tucked away at an unassuming grey building. You’ve probably drove right passed it countless times if you live in the area. But if you ever explored the area or went into the nearby real estate agent before, then it’s impossible to miss the quaint little cafe and the smell of coffee coming from it. 

I think I’ve been going to Cafe Feoh on a monthly basis for a while now. It’s quiet, it is relaxing and the food never disappoints. 

And like every other place I enjoy eating at in Sydney – I have a go-to order I don’t really deviate from. For Cafe Feoh it’s their fusion bacon and egg roll, or their paper rice rolls. 

viet fusion bacon and egg roll

They use thick cut back bacon and raw onion slices to cut through the richness. On top of that, the eggs are cooked perfectly runny with a secrete sauce that makes this roll my go-to. 

The sauce is a mix of 3 different sauces: a sweet chili, a house made chili sauce and a mayonnaise.

Cafe Feoh lindfield rice paper rolls

The rice paper rolls are always fresh, and they don’t skimp on the filling, which,  who wouldn’t appreciate a fat rice paper roll?

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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