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Burwood Chinatown is full of delicious Chinese food, but at the heart of it we have Chinatown. Today I’m going to take you around a few spots with Amy from “BlondieInChina”. We’ll show you a bunch of street food you should check out the next time you’re in the neighbourhood. 

Here are all the details:


127 Burwood Rd, Burwood

Dim Sum House makes all their dim sums in-house from trained chefs with over 20 years of experience. They’ve been a local favourite for the past 5 years since they’ve opened. 

Pork and Chicken siu mai

Going to start this off with a classic pork siu mai. The siu mais at Dim Sum House are big. (not a one-biter for most people)

The pork filling is very fresh. The meat isn’t dry and has chopped Shiitake mushrooms which give it a nice texture and flavour. 

Steamed pork ribs with chueng fun

Next we have chueng fun with pork ribs. I think we got confused by all the things we ordered on the day and didn’t realise it was just steamed pork ribs on top of plain chueng fun. 

Chueng fun is steamed rice noodle that are often filled with various fillings, but can also be plain. Steamed black bean pork ribs, is just steamed black bean pork ribs. 

The pork ribs were tender, savoury, with a bit of a kick from the chili slices. The chueng fun was smooth and soft. 

Tip: plain chueng fun goes great with soy sauce, seafood sauce, chili oil or peanut sauce.

The last two items we had were a BBQ pork bun and a deep fried chicken puff. I’m sure most people have had a BBQ pork bun before so I’m going to simply say. 

It was good. 

The deep fried chicken puff is a pastry dumpling made from glutinous rice with a mince meat filling inside. Crispy on the outside, but chewy once you bite into it and a savoury meaty filling on the inside. I really like these puffs. 


19/127-133 Burwood Rd, Burwood

Amy recommended this one and it’s a really good recommendation. Guo Kui is a very traditional, ancient Chinese street snack from the middle region of China. (Shaanxi to be specific) 

It’s gaining a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and Sydney is catching onto the hype, which I’m very happy about. A guo kui is a flat bread baked in a stone oven. The bread has a thin filling of spiced meat. 

What you get is this crispy, full-of-flavour flat bread that’s delicious. It was my first time having one, but it won’t be the last. 

Beef Guo kui


121/133 Burwood Rd, Burwood

7 Mile Big Bao’s is all about BIG. BAOS. 

The buns here are massive and one is already enough to count as a small meal. 

We had three that day…

Pork & shallot bao

The first bao we tried was a pork & shallot bao. The pork bao reminded me of a meatball sandwich, very meat heavy and the bun was dense enough to hold all that meat together. 

The second bao with the same type of bun was beef & celery. The crunch of the celery gave it a nice texture. 

We both agreed the beef & celery was better than the pork & shallots. 

Beef pancake

The last thing we had at 7 Mile Big Bao was a beef pancake. These pancakes are thick. They remind me more of a pastry patty than a pancake. 

The outside is crispy and the skin is thin, but the inside is full of beef mixed with celery. (the same filling in the beef & celery bao) 


Murray Arcade, 127 Burwood Rd, Burwood

I’m ending this massive tour with dessert. 

Fukimi Dorayaki serves, made to order doriyaki. I ordered their black pearl doriyaki – which Amy describes perfectly: 

Softness of the pancakes and then chewiness of the pearls…

You can choose to have cream or ice-cream, but I think either choice would have been great. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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