BlackBear BBQ in Blacktown Sydney

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American BBQ
in Sydney

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My sister has been telling me for the longest time to come to Blackbear BBQ and when I say for the longest time, I mean almost a year. 

She use to work in Blacktown and come to Blackbear for breakfast. Yes. That’s correct. My sister was having American BBQ for breakfast. 

BlackBear BBQ

1/27 Forge St, Blacktown

Blackbear BBQ is located in Blacktown which might sound like a bit of a drive out for anyone not living in West Sydney. BUT TRUST ME, it is worth a drive out and make a meal of it with friends and family. 

The venue really does remind you of the barbecue places in America where you place your order, grab your food and find a spot to eat. A real casual, friendly affair that’s welcoming to anyone dropping in for good barbecued meat. 

I wasn’t kidding when I said my sister came here often for breakfast when she use to work here. BlackBear BBQ opens at 6am on most days and you’ll be sure to find at least one person eating. I however, got there at lunch time and ordered one of their famous boxes – The Hungry Bear Box. 

You could alternatively pre- order on their website for pick up later to avoid any possible disappointment. They also have 3 locations, Blacktown, Wetherill Park and Vineyard. 

Blackbear BBQ blacktown

The Hungry Bear box contains some of their most popular cuts. You get a nice slab of beef brisket, pork belly and jalapeno cheese link. It’s served with some house-made slaw, potato chips and barbecue sauce. 

BlackBear smokes all their meat on-site with real wood smokers, using their own award winning dry rub. You can actually buy their various dry rub mixes back home at the store if you’re a barbecue fanatic who likes to barbecue at home. 

I on the other hand will let the pros do all the hard work of tending to various cuts of meat for hours on end until you get incredibly tender barbecue. 

Such as the beef brisket and pork belly I had a chance of trying. 

Hungry Bear Box blackbear BBQ

The beef brisket was breaking apart at the moment I stuck my fork in it and the dry rub gave it a nice crust but also a punch of flavour. It goes perfectly with their barbecue sauce. 

I always love it when I find the supporting act just as strong as the main character in a movie and the barbecue did just that for me at BlackBear. It was sweet and tangy but also smoky. Paired brilliantly with the meats.

The pork belly was decieving. It didn’t look at tender and bit on the dry side but was actually super tender once you take a bite. You definitely get a  smokier flavour from the beef brisket but the pork is just as delicious on its own right.

Hungry bear box
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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