Birria Tacos at Blacktown

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Senor Toro
(West Sydney)

I think it was some time last year or even the year before – when I noticed Birria tacos becoming a “thing” in Sydney. There were a few places popping up around the city, and I for some reason never felt the urge to try one out…until now.

Senor Toro is a wandering food stall/ food truck you can find popping up around West Sydney. They don’t have a fixed location. Yet. 

But with tacos this good – it’s only a matter of time before Senor Toro finds a forever home in Sydney. 

Senor Toro


Senor Toro’s is famed for their birria tacos, quesadillas and believe-it-or-not birria ramen! They also have a”secret” menu you can conveniently find on their IG. 

If you don’t know what birria tacos are – it’s basically slow-cooked meat in a flavourful stew served in a taco wrap. Birria tacos have their origins from the traditional mexican Birria dish made from goat. 

You can still find birria tacos made from goat meat, but it’s more commonly made with beef now. The focus is the stew the meat is cooked in – an extremely savoury, herby, slightly spicy combination of flavours that create a hearty meal you want more of. And the stew or consume at Senor Toro is delicious!

Birria Tacos

Birria tacos

Birria tacos are served without cheese. The taco consists of a generous serving of chopped up tender beef, a handful of herbs and a ladle of the magical stew to make sure the meat is soaked in flavour. 

You also get a wedge of lime and some pickled veg on the side to cut through all the meat. 

Queso Taco 

These tacos have a wonderful amount of melted cheese inside along with all the components you find in their birria taco. However, some of the cheese falls out while cooking and creates a delicious crispy cheese crust along the edge, which gives it another flavour profile.

queso taco senor toro

Pro Tip: Get the consume, and don’t share it. The magic of the entire experience was definitely the stew. Dip your tacos in it and every bite becomes magic.

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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