5 Places for Amazing Coffee in Melbourne

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Top Melbourne Coffee spots

I absolutely love coming to Melbourne for their cafes and coffee.

Which is why I couldn’t make a trip without making a video on my favourite brunch spots. Click the video above or read on for the details of each place! 

Brother Baba Budan

359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

A cozy cafe with more chairs on the ceiling than there are on the floor. This speciality cafe is normally crowded. 

Grab your coffee to go here. 

Manchester Press

8 Rankins Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Great coffee you can pair with one of their amazing bagels. 

Patricia Coffee Brewers

Little Bourke St &, Little William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Hidden among the many offices nearby, this place is always busy with people. 

It sort of reminded me of how busy the coffee places where in Rome, with everyone standing around the counter enjoying their coffee over a chat. 

Market Lane Coffee - Queen Victoria Market

83-85 Victoria Street, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne VIC 3000

This cafe is a bit out of the way compared to the rest on this list, so if you want to catch their lunch specials, time your trip right!

I didn’t time mine right and missed the lunch specials, so I got the next best thing…

Soba salad. 

Ima Project Cafe’s menu takes Japanese flavours and inspirations to make a modern lunch menu you won’t be disappointed in. The soba salad I tried was delicious. 

The flavours worked so well together. I can’t really describe how surprised I was when I took my first bite. All I can say is.


The Hardware Societe Melbourne

10 Katherine Place &, 123 Hardware St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia

A specialty coffee roaster where they serve pour over coffee. 

A tad bit on the pricey side (actually the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever paid for) 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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