Authentic Singaporean Breakfast

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Authentic Singaporean Breakfast Experience

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The breakfast of choice in Singapore for many is Kaya toast with a soft boiled egg and a cup of kopi (coffee) 

It’s a rich, sweet, savoury meal that fills you up and gives you big boost of energy in the morning. I can see why this is the go-to breakfast option for many. 

What to expect?

Singapore has many Kopi Tiams which are essentially places to get a cup of coffee. These kopi tiams also serve light bites, and the most famous of them all is the breakfast menu. 

Kaya is a coconut jam that’s slightly green in colour and flowery sweet. Thin slices of toast is generously slathered in Kaya before slabs of butter is laid on top. 

Yes, slabs. 

The butter doesn’t actually melt because it’s so thick. 

The soft boiled egg or half boiled eggs are a lot softer than any soft boiled egg I’ve had in Sydney. The egg white is still runny and only slightly turning into a milky white colour. 

The egg is normally served cracked in a small dish that you then pour a bit of soy sauce and pepper in to dip your toast in. 

The whole thing is a creamy, savoury, sweet and buttery rich meal. 

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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