Amah by Hojiak in Chatswood

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Eating at Grandma’s

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The team at Ho Jiak is bringing you Amah – a Malaysian restaurant at Chatswood interchange. Amah promises to bring home-style Malaysian cooking to diners and the name of the restaurant reflects it. Amah means grandma in many Chinese dialects, which instantly gives me a homey feel. 

Amah is a casual restaurant that you can bring your friends or your family to knowing everyone will enjoy their time there. I went with my two siblings and ordered a table full of food. Here was what was on the table tonight:

  1. Tea smoked duck 
  2. Char kway teow
  3. Chicken skewers
  4. Nasi lemak 
  5. Chap choy
  6. Chicken laksa 
  7. Fishball soup 

Amah by Hojiak

Chatswood Interchange

Amah delivered exactly what it said – home-style Malaysian food. Nothing that night made me go wow or was unexpected – in a bad or good way, but that’s not what you expect going to your grandma’s for dinner. Its subtle flavours, made with care that satisfy and can be shared with good company. 

In fact, it’s the opposite of unexpected. It was familiar flavours you can rely on being served consistently well. I think for a lot of people Amah serves Asian comfort food. Though if I had to choose a favourite for the night; it’ll be the nasi lemak and the smooth tender chicken in the laksa. 

Nasi lemak

The Nasi lemak came with chicken curry and the combination of textures and flavours always makes Nasi lemak a Malaysian favourite for me. The chap chow was also a little surprise as well with my impression of the vegetable medleys in most Asian restaurants being an item on the menu fo people trying to adult. However the chap choy was nicely seasoned and the mix of textures was a delight to eat. 

chicken laksa
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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