$50 All You Can Eat Chinese BBQ Skewers

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Yummy Chinese BBQ
Buffet review

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I wanted to explore new spots in Sydney, now that dining out was an option again. And when I came across Yummy Chinese BBQ – it sounded too interesting to pass up. The idea of barbecuing your own meat skewers over a charcoal grill sounded like fun. 

Yummy Chinese BBQ has a few outlets around Sydney, but their Dixon St location offers a buffet service. 

Yummy Chinese BBQ

Address: 69/1 Dixon St, Sydney NSW 2000

Yummy Chinese BBQ

What to expect

The interior was well spaced out so smoke from the grills won’t be an issue if that was a cause for concern. 


The entire retaurant takes up a huge space with the food station laid out in different areas. One side of the restaurant is lined with large windows which, I’m guessing would flood the entire area with light during the day. I went for dinner service and so I didn’t get to experience that. 

The set-up

Each table has a rotating charcoal grill where you can cook your skewers on, and it’ll automatically rotate your skewers for you. You also have grilling equipment to cook the other items available at the buffet. 

The buffet runs for 2 hours and it’s all you can it. The selection includes almost every type of usual protein, with beef, lamb, chicken, pork and fish skewers available. There are also pork belly, prawns and a whole range of sides you can also try. 

One thing I really appreciate about Yummy Chinese BBQ was the drinks available. Most buffets only include one drink or maybe none at all, but you could get an endless supply of coffee, tea or sour plum drink. (if you’ve never tried it before I would say give it a go at a buffet, because you don’t like it you instantly can try something else) 

Yummy Chinese BBQ

Overall Yummy Chinese BBQ was a bit of a hit or miss. The beef, lamb, chicken and pork skewers weren’t bad and I would be happy to go eat those items again. I also enjoyed some of the cold side dishes available, but other items such as the chicken wings and seafood failed to impress. 

I think if you know what’s good and only go for those items during your 2 hour window than the price and offering is reasonable. The whole grilling your own skewers is also a fun factor, but if it’s your first time like mine and had to go through a few not-so-great items, it does leave you feeling a little unimpressed by the end of the meal.

Yummy Chinese BBQ skewers
Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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