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Thailand is any food lover’s heaven. The balance of sweet, savoury, tart and spicy in Thai cuisine makes every bite better than the last. 

And the best way to experience Thai food is by eating where the locals eat, which is why today I want to take you to a very popular lunch spot in the heart of downtown Bangkok. 

Silom Soi 10 Food court

Silom Soi 10 Food court, a popular indoor food court in Bangkok Thailand. I highly recommend that place because there are limitless options at very affordable prices. What I would suggest though is avoid going when it’s peak hour (i.e. grab your street food either before or after lunch time) so you can snag a spot.

I must have been to this place 3 times all in all because it was just minutes from my hotel. Out of everything I tried, the following 5 dishes are A MUST! 

#1- Thai Crispy Chicken Salad 

The fried chicken was delicious and had all the spices. It was paired with carrots and red onions and overall was very fresh. It would’ve been even more fantastic had I not let the chicken sit because the batter would definitely have been a lot more crunchier. 

#2- Thai style roast goose egg noodles

The goose was so fatty and juicy and sweet and meaty and delicious. Everything you’d want from a thing of goose meat really. The noodles were fresh and springy and had a slight hint of egg flavour. This dish really reminds me of the hong kong roast goose that I used to eat with my rice as a kid, so it has a really special place in my heart. 

#3- Thai style pork rolled noodles in soup

Now I wasn’t too sure what it was when I first walked to the stall – but what comfort food list would be complete if you didn’t include a soup on it?

This was a pork noodle soup with the works – it had roast pork, alongside an egg, pork intestines, and rolled noodles. Overall it was a very hearty dish – the broth was a salty pork broth, and tasted a little medicinal (kind of like the Singapore Bah Kut Teh.

#4- Thai style marinated pork leg rice

This was definitely one of my favorites. The meat on the pork leg was absolutely falling off the bone when they were being chopped up. The marinated flavours were perfect in combination with the plain white rice – anything else would’ve made it too salty for my liking! The meat was fatty, tender, gelatinous. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. 

#5- Thai style chicken rice

Now last and definitely not least – the thai style chicken rice. It is similar to the Hainanese chicken rice, but you definitely gotta eat it with the Thai chili sauce that’s included because it totally changes the ball game!

Janice Fung

Janice Fung

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